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baji bet365,dota2 6.86 believes that sterile single-use gastrointestinal endoscopy solutions should perform like conventional ones, only with the added advantages of increased availability and improved patient safety.

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The dota2 6.86® aScope™ 4 Broncho Large 5.8/2.8 single-use bronchoscope

dota2 6.86® aScope™ Duodeno
Helps you address concerns about patient cross-contamination.

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The dota2 6.86® aScope™ 4 Broncho Regular 5.0/2.2 single-use bronchoscope

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sbobet credit,dota2 6.86 will launch a sterile, single-use gastroscope in 2021.

The dota2 6.86® aScope™ 4 Broncho Regular 5.0/2.2 single-use bronchoscope

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ibet789 default1,dota2 6.86 will launch a sterile, single-use colonoscope in 2021.

dota2 6.86 aScope Duodeno:
100% plastic neutral in Europe and Latin America

A partnership with Plastic Bank® will prevent over 100 tons of plastic from entering the ocean. The quantity corresponds to the amount of plastic used in all of the dota2 6.86 single-use aScope products in EMEA and Latin America throughout the year.
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Infection control
Get facts and numbers behind the risk of patient cross-contamination when using GI endoscopes. Also, learn about three of the main challenges related to reprocessing reusable scopes and how they can affect your work.
Learn about infection control in gastroenterology

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15% of duodenoscopes found to be contaminated despite reprocessing (Rauwers 2018, GUT)
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Duodenoscopes used to perform ERCP implicated in infection outbreaks (Kim et al., 2016, GIE)
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Existing manufacturer-recommended HLD inadequate  (Ross et al., 2015, GIE)
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Estimated contamination rate of reprocessed gastroscopes 22.31% 
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Comparing reusable duodenoscopes to single-use duodenoscopes 
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Findings highlight the need to educate endoscopy staff on reprocessing to minimize cross-contamination
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How ready is Europe to adopt single-use duodenoscopes?
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Are single-use endoscopes the future of ERCP?
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Audio summary of survey
We asked 70 GI physicians about their attitudes towards single-use duodenoscopes. Get a quick breakdown of the results.
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Estimated endoscope-related infection risk associated with reusable duodenoscopes.
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Monthly newspaper for GI professionals

App offering personalised medical journal feed

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